Trump Melts Down And Attacks Barack Obama In New Hampshire


Trump started rambling about Barack Obama, even though he is running against Joe Biden at his rally in New Hampshire.


Trump said, “And they had seven people show up. And you know what? They don’t show Barack Hussien Obama. He came out to campaign two days ago, right? And they had 42 people. He drew flies. Did you ever hear the expression? Obama drew flies.”


Trump is running against and currently losing to Joe Biden. Outside of the usual racist dog whistle embedded in calling the former president by his full name, Donald Trump is trying to convince his supporters that he is actually winning because of the crowds who show up at his super spreader live rallies.

The number of votes being cast, polling data, and fundraising numbers all tell a different story. Trump made up the number of people at Obama’s drive-in rally because he is trying to convince himself that he is not really losing.

Trump is running around the country, pulling out his greatest hits for an adoring and increasingly COVID exposed crowd in a gambit that feels more like a faded performers farewell tour than a bid to mobilize a ballot box force that will power him to reelection.

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