Trump Is Furious At Barr For Not Investigating Obama And Biden

Trump is livid with his attorney general and the FBI director for refusing to investigate Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

Axios reported:

Trump is furious that Barr isn’t releasing before the election what Trump hoped would be a bombshell report by U.S. Attorney John Durham on the Obama administration’s handling of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Durham’s investigation has yet to produce any high-profile indictments of Obama-era officials as Trump had hoped.

Trump’s plan for winning reelection was to use the federal government to investigate and indict members of the Obama administration, including Joe Biden so that he could replicate the both candidates are equally bad perception that existed in the 2016 election.

Donald Trump needed voters to believe that their choice was between two bad candidates because otherwise, the spotlight would be solely on his record and corruption. A second Trump term would certainly a purge of administration officials and civil servants.

It is lucky for the American people that a second Trump term is looking less and less likely every day.

Instead of governing the country through a pandemic, Donald Trump is sitting around making an enemies list and trying to figure who he is going to kick out of the government so that more lackeys can take their places.

Trump thought he could win the election by abusing the power of the presidency to smear his opponents, but that was too much for even William Barr to stomach.

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