This Video Of Conservative Suburban Women Fleeing Trump Should Terrify Republicans


A group of five conservative suburban women all said that their kids influenced them to switch to Biden, and they are texting their friends to do the same.



Cindy Schmidt, who is a former Trump voter and evangelical missions director told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing, “After the catastrophe of the Trump administration, I knew I couldn’t vote for him again, but my alternative was a Democrat. And the abortion thing was a big deal for me. After look agent the way abortion works, the president is not going to end it tomorrow. Because of people like Meghan and my boys and their wives, they have been encouraging me to look at other ways and opening my eyes.”

Megan Schmidt a Democrat who was raised conservative spoke about what changed her mind, “Digging deeper and getting to know other people’s perspective has been important. I think realizing that my viewpoints are only confirmed by what I had been watching on television, the kind of people I’ve been talking to and that correlation is not necessarily causation, especially on topics like the abortion issue. It’s important for people to talk to people who have more experience and perspective than they do.”

All of the women said that their vote was influenced by their children.

Trump claimed that he is not losing to Biden with suburban women during his 60 Minutes interview, but the reality, at least for five women in Ohio, is that conservative women are leaving and they are trying to convince others to come with them.

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