Trump Mentally Collapses In PA And Accuses Biden Of Secret Plot To Ban Cows

At a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump claimed that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are secretly plotting to ban cows in the United States.


Trump said, “Then you have Biden’s running mate. How about her? Kamala? She’s considered America’s. By far most liberal senator. She’s more liberal than Crazy. Bernie, can you believe it? Even sponsored the $100 trillion green new deal which will destroy our country. Totally destroyed. No planes, No cars, no cows, right. Cows are next, they took it out, but only temporarily. They don’t like cattle.”

Trump’s closing argument to America is that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are secretly conspiring to ban cows. This is not true, but neither is anything else that Trump is saying at his rallies. Trump appears to be living in the past, as he openly expressed the hope that the result in Pennsylvania would be just like in 2016, but with mail-in voting surging, and over half of the ballots in the state already cast, it seems less and less likely that Trump’s barnstorming of the state will have much of an impact.

Trump is running a campaign about nothing, and he is throwing everything against the wall, and hoping that something sticks, no matter how crazy it is, because that is his only hope for winning a second term.

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