With 8 Days To Go Trump’s Comeback Is Flopping As Biden’s Lead Holds

Trump is hoping for an election like 2016, but so far, there is no sign of a surge that is cutting into Joe Biden’s lead.

Kyle Kondik tweeted the latest data:

State polls were already showing a Hillary Clinton collapse in 2016:

The data showed that Trump was surging and coming back. The problem wasn’t with the polls, but with the people who were interpreting the polls. The data above showed that Trump was surging at this time in 2016, but most people ignored it.

The Trump Comeback Isn’t Happening

The main reason why Trump has not been able to run the same race as 2016 is that Joe Biden isn’t Hillary Clinton. At this point in 2016, Clinton had a net negative favorability rating that was on par with Trump’s. In 2020, Joe Biden has a net positive rating, which means that voters like him, which suggests a higher possibility that late-breaking voters will swing to Biden.

Trump not only has a vastly different opponent, but he also has a pandemic hanging over his head that is dominating the campaign and following him everywhere he goes.

2020 is different than 2016, and time is running out on Donald Trump and his troubled presidency.

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