‘What In The Hell Is The Matter With This Man?’: Biden Shreds Trump For Spewing More COVID Lies

Former Vice President Joe Biden didn’t take his foot off the gas on Monday, ripping into Donald Trump for spewing more lies about COVID-19 and openly wondering “what in the hell is the matter” with the president.

In remarks at an event in Pennsylvania, Biden slammed Trump for claiming doctors are inflating the number of coronavirus deaths so they can make more money.

“Mr. President, more than 1,000 healthcare workers have lost their lives fighting COVID – doctors, nurses,” Biden said. They’re not profiting, they’re dying.”


Biden said:

He suggested that doctors were inflating the numbers – catch this – because doctors get more money. What in the hell is the matter with this man? A thousand doctors and nurses have given their lives trying to save lives! And he’s saying the reason they’re talking about testing is that they want to make more money. Mr. President, more than 1,000 healthcare workers have lost their lives fighting COVID – doctors, nurses. They’re not profiting, they’re dying. And you remember, during the debate … Trump said that we’re learning to live with it – this COVID. No, he’s asking us to learn to die with it!

Trump is campaigning in an alternate reality

Despite the frightening new rise in COVID cases, Donald Trump clearly plans to spend the rest of his reelection campaign in an alternate reality trying to happy talk his way to a second term.

Over the next week, he’ll hold more superspreader rallies where he tells his crowd of maskless supporters that America is “rounding the corner” and the virus is just another fake news hoax meant to derail his campaign.

The problem with that strategy is that COVID-19 doesn’t stop infecting and killing people just because Donald Trump is pretending it doesn’t exist. Each day, tens of thousands of Americans are contracting the virus and hundreds are dying.

Donald Trump has failed this country in a way that has cost tens of thousands of lives. He may spend the next week spewing lies about a criss he bungled, but Joe Biden clearly doesn’t plan to let him get away with it.

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