WATCH: Lou Dobbs Says That Elected Democrats Are The Enemies Of The People

Amy Coney Barrett is now a sitting member of the United States Supreme Court. Her journey there was quite disgraceful. Despite numerous United States senators promising that they wouldn’t vote on a justice during an election year, they somehow managed to confirm her in mere weeks.

And as they commonly do, Republicans have been quick to wipe their success in the faces of Democrats. Democrats, however, could soon get the chance to expand the court and rectify the Conservative dishonesty. The idea that they may do so has enraged  Lou Dobbs. The Fox host today called elected Democratic officials, the “enemies of the people.”

Dobbs began the segment, “The radical Dems are now crazed and they’re now frenzied after the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as the newest justice on the high court. On the Supreme Court.”

He continued, “rather than accepting our constitutional norms the Dems, of course, well, have fallen into the grip of a psychological collapse. They didn’t get their way, once again. They didn’t get their way and Conservatives did. So now, they are threatening to pack the court, do whatever they can, to destroy the Republic.

Dobbs closed his remarks by saying:

“Those are, quite simply, the enemies of the people. They are threatening the American people, they’re threatening our government and our way of life. And these are the very same people who are complicit in what has been a four-year effort to stop the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump and then conspiring and taking every effort possible to overthrow the president of the United States.”

Watch a clip of the host’s remarks below, courtesy of the Fox News network: