Biden Slams Trump For Stranding His Supporters To Freeze In Omaha

Joe Biden said that Trump leaving his supporters stranded in the freezing cold, shows that the president only cares about himself.


Biden said during remarks in Delaware, “The American people deserve so much better than this. Just look at what happened last night in Omaha after the trump rally ended. Hundreds of people, including older Americans and children, were stranded in subzero freezing temperatures for hours. Several folks ended up in the hospital. It’s an image that captured president trump’s whole approach to this crisis. He takes a lot of big pronouncements and makes a lot of big pronouncements, but they don’t hold up. He gets his photo-op and gets out. He leaves everyone to suffer the consequence of his failure to make a responsible plan. It seems like he just doesn’t care much about it. The longer he’s in charge, the more reckless he gets.”

Trump literally hopped on to Air Force One and left his supporters without an adequate number of shuttle buses to get back to their cars. Elderly people were left on their own to try to make the 3.7 mile walk back to the airport in the freezing cold. People have been hospitalized due to exposure to the elements.

Biden’s right. Trump’s Omaha behavior shows that he doesn’t care about other people, and it is time for the nation to have a president who will put others first.

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