Trump Adopts Herd Immunity Policy To Sabotage Joe Biden

The Trump administration has implemented the policy of herd immunity which virtually guarantees that Joe Biden will inherit a worse pandemic crisis.

The Daily Beast reported, “But those working on the government’s COVID response say that the attempts by the White House and Atlas to steer clear from using the phrase “herd immunity” are merely a game of semantics. Privately, one of those sources said, the actual policy pursuits have been crafted around a plainly herd immunity approach; mainly, that the government should prioritize protecting the vulnerable while allowing “everyone else to get infected,” that source said.”

Many Americans have been worried that Trump would take action to sabotage the country if Joe Biden wins the election. It appears that the Trump administration is actively trying to make the pandemic worse as Trump is losing the election.

There is no evidence that herd immunity exists as it relates to COVID-19. There are questions surrounding the immunity level and duration of immunity for those who have been infected.

Donald Trump is adopting a policy that will make the pandemic worse so that if he loses the election, Joe Biden will inherit an even bigger pandemic crisis than exists right now.

Trump’s policy of allowing people to get COVID could kill millions and devastate the US economy. Trump’s embrace of herd immunity should be viewed for what it is.

Trump is willing to kill Americans to damage Joe Biden’s potential presidency.

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