After Trying To Kill Supporters In Nebraska, Trump And Pence Move On To Wiping Out Wisconsin

After Trump supporters got hypothermia after being stranded in Nebraska, Pence has no concerns about holding a large rally in Wisconsin where COVID is surging.

This was the scene in Omaha where Trump left chaos in his wake by stranding supporters three miles from their cars in the freezing cold after his rally:

The Trump campaign responded by continuing to show no concern for their supporters as they defended Mike Pence holding a rally in the COVID hotbed of Wisconsin:

Trump 2020 Press Secretary Hogan Gidley said on CNN’s New Day, “The vice president has the best doctors in the world around him, they’re obviously contact traced and have come to the conclusion it’s fine for him to be out on the campaign trail. The American people have the right under the first amendment to peaceably assemble, too. We are seeing some good news about coronavirus and all of the sadness that we’ve seen not just from the loss of life but the loss of livelihoods, the loss of businesses, we are seeing a reduction in deaths of 70%, 45% reduction in deaths in the nursing home population alone. That’s encouraging.”

Gidley’s answer showed no concern for the people of Wisconsin where the rally will be held. The question wasn’t about whether or not Mike Pence will be safe. No one cares about Mike Pence. The question was about the damage that holding a big rally will cause to the people of Wisconsin who are being battered by a coronavirus outbreak.

The only consistent theme of the Trump reelection campaign is their lack of concern for human life. The Trump campaign has tried to kill people with their consistently selfish behavior.

The message is clear. Trump and his campaign are more than willing to sicken and kill people in order to win reelection.

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