Nancy Pelosi Trump husbands back to work

Nancy Pelosi Slams Trump For Telling Women He’s Putting Their Husbands Back To Work

Speaker Pelosi said that Trump is completely detached from reality after he told women that he is putting their husbands back to work.

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Speaker of the House Pelosi said, “Poverty rates going up. 17 million children food insecure, and just to say something about women, in September alone, nearly 1 million people 1 million women left the workplace. 1 million women left the workplace. What’s the president’s messages to women? We’re getting your husbands back to work. Well, it actually isn’t even true, but what decade is he living in? What century is he living in? So completely removed from the realities of life and that has caused death.”

Pelosi made a great closing argument against Trump. As president, Donald Trump has caused death in America. No modern president has failed so specularly at the job that their neglect and ineptitude has led to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

More than Trump lacking the emotional and intellectual skills needed to do the job, he also is totally detached from American life. He doesn’t understand the needs of the people that he is supposed to be serving, because he has been in a wealth bubble for his entire and has no idea how average people live.

Trump needs women voters to support him, but his sexism from another century shows why women are leading the charge that is likely to make him a one-term president.

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