Trump Gives Supporters Heat Stroke In Florida As His Campaign Week Gets Worse

Last updated on January 25th, 2021 at 06:05 am

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Trump continues to spread the message that he doesn’t care about the health and welfare of his supports, and people passed out from the heat at his Tampa rally.

Monica Alba tweeted this video of the latest Trump carnage:

Earlier this week, several Trump supporters had to be hospitalized in Omaha after the Trump campaign abandoned them in freezing temperatures without adequate transportation to get back to their cars that were parked almost four miles away from the rally.

The rallies have already backfired on Trump as they are cementing the message in the minds of voters that Donald Trump doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

Trump should not be holding these rallies in the middle of a pandemic. His campaign is spreading the coronavirus with each large maskless and non-socially distanced gathering. Donald Trump is making the situation even worse by intentionally exposing his supporters to the elements.

It isn’t an accident that his supporters have been improperly cared for twice in a week. It is by design that Trump is projecting his need for power and control on his supporters.

Cruelty and neglect aren’t bugs in Trump’s campaign. They’re features.

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