Trump implodes and threatens Miles Taylor in Tampa

Trump Totally Implodes In Tampa And Threatens Miles Taylor

Trump self-destructed at his rally in Tampa and threatened Miles Taylor after he came forward and admitted that he was “Anonymous.”

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Video of Trump insulting Taylor, and demanding Barr prosecute him:

Trump said, “They say top White House official. Well, he was a staffer low, had nothing to do with the White House. And he goes in, and you know what? There should be major criminal liability for scum like this…It turns out to be this low life, which nobody knows who he is. He had nothing to do with us…This is a disgrace to our country. It shouldn’t happen, and he should be prosecuted. Are you listening to me back in Washington?”

Trump later added, “He works for Google. I think Google should fire him very quickly because bad things are going to happen to him.”

The President’s behavior in Tampa is why his rallies are backfiring. Trump is spending precious time in the last few days before an election going after his “enemies” and ranting about all of his own grievances.

Trump was able to gain support at the end of the 2016 campaign by presenting himself as someone who was speaking for a segment of white, mostly male America, that was angry at their loss of what they viewed as entitled power and status.

In 2020, the campaign is all about Trump and all of the petty slights and criticisms that upset him.

Americans are dying by the hundreds and thousands daily in a pandemic, and Trump is obsessed with a former staffer who criticized him.

Every word that comes out of Trump’s mouth results in more votes for Joe Biden.

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