Pathetic Trump Cuts Off Minnesota Rally After Being Denied A Big Crowd

The electoral map for Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign looks arduous. With a number of states turning increasingly blue, Trump needs to thread a very difficult needle to get to 270 electoral votes.

Knowing just how bad the math is for him, the president is doing multiple campaign events each day. Tonight, he is in Minnesota, a state that gives him only a 7% chance of winning. And the results of the visit are embarrassing.

Trump began his visit by doing a rally at a Rochester, Minnesota airport. He hit the crowd with most of his greatest hits. If Biden wins, he told the crowd, “There will be no schools, no graduations, no weddings, no Thanksgiving, no Fourth of July, no nothing. There will be no future for America’s youth. “

He also ripped the governor of the state, Tim Walz, for enforcing COVID restrictions. There were then major problems with his audio feed.

ABC’s Garrett Haake tweeted, “Maybe it’s the small crowd. Maybe it’s the cold. But this is the lowest energy I’ve ever seen the president be at a rally. He’s blowing through his applause lines, just checking the boxes on his usual speech, like he’s got somewhere to be.”

And it does seem like he has somewhere to be. Vox’s Aaron Rupar writes, “Wow — Trump cuts short a low energy performance in Rochester, Minnesota, after less than 30 minutes of speaking.”

Health officials forced Trump to limit his audience to 250 people or less, which is likely why the president showed no interest and quickly bolted from his speech.