Trump Could Lose Wisconsin Due To COVID Outbreak


Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) suggested that election night results could be hurt in Wisconsin due to the state being overwhelmed by COVID.



Pocan said in MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

I think covid is the biggest issue, right? When you have the kind of covid cases we have and all the problems we have in Wisconsin with it. You know, Donald Trump has lied to people over and over and over. And now the most Republican parts of the state are the areas that have the highest COVID numbers. And our hospitals are literally bursting at the seams, over 85% occupancy, and more in many of these hospitals. It’s certainly on people’s minds. I think this is going to affect the election in a negative way for Donald Trump, because now that people — everyone knows someone who has had COVID. I talked to someone in the Fox Valley, her and her husband knew 27 people who had COVID.

That’s not normal for Wisconsin. And clearly, you know, people now know the president has not been telling them the truth. I think if he’s not telling you the truth about covid, what else isn’t he telling you the truth about? We’re pretty common-sense folks in the upper midwest. I think his messaging doesn’t work.

Wisconsin hospitals are being overrun by COVID cases, and one of the points to follow on election night will be the turnout levels in rural Wisconsin on election day, and the breakdown of non-affiliated and undecided voters. Trump’s base will still be there for him in Wisconsin. It will be the impact of the pandemic on everyone else that will determine if Joe Biden wins the state.

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