Trump Endorses Domestic Terrorism After Texas Supporters Try To Run Biden Bus Off The Road

Trump glorified and endorsed his supporters terrorizing political opponents as he praised his Texas supporters for trying to run a Biden campaign bus off of the road.


Trump said, “Did anybody see the picture of that crazy bus driving down the highway, they’re surrounded by like, hundreds of cars? They’re all Trump flags all over the place. What a group. That’s a hot thing. That’s really number on trending, but they won’t put that there. They come up with number one trending. It’s not a trend. It’s whatever they want to do.”

Trump was glorifying domestic terrorism.

CNN reported, “A campaign bus for Joe Biden traveling Friday from San Antonio to Austin, Texas, was surrounded by multiple vehicles with Trump signs that attempted to slow down the bus and run it off the road, a Biden campaign official tells CNN.”

Here is a picture from inside the campaign bus:

The license plate numbers of all of these Trump supporters are clearly visible, so why haven’t they been arrested for their illegal activities?

Trump is glorifying violent actions against his political opponents. Democracy is not running an opponent’s campaign bus off the road. This is thuggish third world authoritarian intimidation tactics.

Donald Trump is losing, so his supporters are getting violent and desperate to stop the majority from taking their country back, and the President is encouraging them to do more.

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Trump supporters try to run Biden off the road
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