Trump Trails Biden 87%-5%, But Claims African-Americans Are Voting For Him


Trump claimed that African-American voters would vote for him on Sunday morning, but a new poll shows him losing 87%-5% to Joe Biden.

Trump tweeted his “super predator” lie about Biden and claimed that young “black” voters are supporting him:

According to the new NBC News/WSJ poll released Sunday morning, African-American voters aren’ supporting Trump, “Biden’s biggest advantages over Trump are with Black voters (87 percent to 5 percent), young voters ages 18-34 (60 percent to 32 percent), seniors (58 percent to 35 percent), women (57 percent to 37 percent), whites with college degrees (56 percent to 41 percent) and independents (51 percent to 36 percent).”


Trump knows that he won in 2016 because African-American turnout dropped. The super predator lie is Trump’s attempt to hold down the African-American vote for Biden while at the same time creating the false perception that African-Americans are voting for Trump.

No matter what Fox News tells him, there is not a big African-American voter movement to Trump.

Trump has claimed that African-Americans are too stupid to vote for him, but now he is telling his fans a tall tale of a black wave for Trump.

Donald Trump has retreated to his Twitter fantasy land in what could be the final days before voters throw him out of the White House.

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