Trump Falsely Takes Credit For Obama And Biden Saving The Auto Industry

At his Sunday campaign rally in Michigan, Trump tried to take credit for Obama and Biden saving the auto industry.


Trump claimed to have given Michigan lots of new auto plants, but the President’s claim is a lie.

PolitiFact found, “He didn’t save the auto industry. The major U.S. automakers recovered strongly during the Obama administration. After rising for 10 years, Michigan auto industry employment fell on Trump’s watch, even before the coronavirus hit. He didn’t bring many new plants. One company, the Italian-American Fiat Chrysler, announced a new assembly plant in Detroit, on the site of an idled engine factory, as part of a package of investments in Michigan.”

It was actions taken at the tail end of the Bush administration, and specifically, the heavy lifting was done by the Obama administration to save the auto industry from collapse. Trump has done virtually nothing to help the auto industry, which is why he is lying on the campaign trail and trying to take credit for the hard work of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Trump brought lies, while Biden saved jobs.

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Trump lies about saving the auto industry in Michigan
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