A Reason For Hope: Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats Are Raring to Go If Biden Wins


Here’s something to feel good about: If Joe Biden wins the 2020 election, Democrats will have two experienced experts who can hit the ground running with a tight House coalition.

Most presidents don’t come into office with eight years of experience in the White House and an entire career in the Senate. Most House coalitions are not led by a Speaker with Nancy Pelosi’s ability to fundraise and keep her coalition of diverse Democrats together. The inherent power of all of this experience in action is exactly what we will need to protect our country from future dictator wannabes like Donald Trump as well as move to repair the damage and progress forward.

So what is possible under a Biden presidency with a Speaker Pelosi? I asked the Speaker this exact question during a Progressive Media Round Table on Thursday, October 29th.

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>PoliticusUSA’s Sarah Jones: You have a proven track record of moving an agenda through as well as smashing records fundraising, helping empower and grow your coalition. VP Joe Biden also has experience in the White House, and so if he wins this election, Democrats will have two experienced experts who can hit the ground running with a tight House coalition, a huge advantage that is needed to repair much of the Trump damage. You mentioned in your press conference this morning that House Democrats were ready to go, what are your immediate and longer-term priorities in the next Congress under a Biden presidency.

Speaker Pelosi: We had three things, for the People – lower the cost the healthcare, we have already passed – we do want, I wanted a public option before, jobs, building infrastructure in a green way. That will also be an early initiative for us.

HR 1: To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, and strengthen ethics rules for public servants and for other purposes. An explainer can be read at Vox.

In a world in which former Vice President Joe Biden wins the White House, Democrats face a huge challenge to not only repair the damage done by the Trump administration but to protect the nation from it happening again. The good news? Not only do they have a plan, but they have the political expertise of Speaker Nancy Pelosi to push it through the House. For those who don’t follow politics closely, this is not a given. Effective leaders are not easy to come by. Republicans certainly proved that with former Speaker Paul Ryan’s embarrassing attempt to lead as Speaker.

If Democrats keep the House and win control of the Senate and White House, real change is coming. Pelosi’s bold agenda should give voters who need last-second motivation to cast their ballot the fuel that they need to get to the polls.

House Democrats are raring to go and plan on hitting the ground running if Joe Biden is elected to be the next president.