Obama Calls Trump A Super Spreader In Damning Miami Indictment

Obama said that Trump doesn’t take the presidency seriously and labeled Trump a super spreader at an event to get out the vote in Miami.


Obama said:

And as chief of staff, he is admitting what we knew all along. He was quoted just a few days saying we will not control the pandemic. That is a quote. We noticed! America just had its single worst week of new cases and so what is Trump’s closing argument? Last night, this last night on his covid spreader tour. He is a super spreader.

He just goes around because nothing is more important to him than crowds to make him feel good as opposed to trying to keep the American people safe. Last night he don’t move. You know. And just in case you were worried he was taking covid too seriously, now we find out his intention is to eliminate from his administration one of the world’s leading experts in infectious disease.

Obama is right. Trump is a super spreader, and his behavior only confirms the defining characteristic of the Trump years. The Trump presidency has only been about serving a constituency of one. Congressional Republicans don’t matter. The people who work in his administration don’t matter. Even his own supporters don’t matter.

It is time for America to take its presidency back.

Tomorrow, the majority will end the tyranny of the smallest minority in presidential history.

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