Sherrod Brown Predicts Joe Biden Will Win Ohio And Sweep The Midwest

While Pennsylvania has been the center of the political universe in the final days of this presidential campaign, Sen. Sherrod Brown said on Monday night that he thinks Joe Biden will carry the state of Ohio.

The Democratic senator said he believes Biden’s appeal to workers makes him a strong candidate to win the Buckeye State’s 18 electoral votes.

“Biden is the worker’s candidate, and it shows,” Sen. Brown said. “That’s why he’s going to win Ohio.”

The Ohio senator noted that a win in Ohio for Biden means he will likely sweep the Midwest – Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – and likely expand into other traditional red states like Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and even Texas.

Winning Ohio “contributes to an Electoral College landslide,” he added.


Sen. Brown said:

Biden is the worker’s candidate, and it shows, and that’s why he’s going win Ohio. … I think — not that I believe any one poll. Quinnipiac came out today, plus four for Biden. I don’t think he wins it by four. I think he wins it by one or two, and I think that contributes to an Electoral College landslide, because if it’s close in Ohio and we win Ohio especially, it means that we win Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and potentially Iowa and who knows, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, as those southern states move towards Biden.

Polling shows a tight race in the Buckeye State

Before this campaign began, not even the most optimistic Democrat believed that Ohio’s electoral votes were up for grabs. After all, Trump won the state by eight points four years ago.

But polling released just today, on Election Eve, showed Biden with a narrow lead over Trump in the Buckeye State. The former vice president’s visit to Cleveland on Monday also indicated that the Democrats believe the state is in play.

Ultimately, Ohio will likely be an uphill climb as the state continues its gradual drift to the right, but the fact that Biden is still competitive there on the eve of the election is a good sign for the Democratic nominee.

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