Trump Goes On Bizarre Election Eve Rant And Claims Kids Recover From COVID In ’12 Seconds’

During a bizarre and seemingly sedated ramble at an Election Eve rally in Michigan on Monday night, Donald Trump claimed that his son, Barron, recovered from COVID-19 in “12 seconds.”

The delusional president said his son’s experience with the virus is proof that kids should immediately return to school, despite the fact that the pandemic is raging across the country, particularly in the midwestern states Trump needs to carry to win a second term.

“Took him about 12 seconds to get rid of it,” Trump said of Barron’s coronavirus diagnosis. “Because they’re young and they have a strong immune system.”

“You know what I say? Let the kids go to school,” Trump added.


Trump said:

“They said, “Sir, Barron … just tested positive.” I said , “Tested positive for what?” “For Corona.” See, I like the China virus. Or I like the plague from China, but a lot of people use it like it sounds like an island in Italy. I said it’s not Corona. But, “Just tested positive for Corona.” I said, “Wow, I don’t like that. That’s not good.” Barron, you know he’s strong, very tall, he’s only 14-years-old, but he’s very tall. … And he’s a good boy, but he just tested positive. And I said, Wow.” Then about 12 minutes later I see the doctor. “Doctor, how’s Barron doing?” “Oh, it’s okay, he’s fine now. Took him about 12 seconds to get rid of it.” Because they’re young and they have a strong immune system. He got better like so fast. You know what I say? Let the kids go to school.

Trump is spreading dangerous misinformation until the very end

The flurry of superspreader MAGA rallies Donald Trump has held in the final stretch of this campaign shows that he never intended to put forward anything resembling a forward-looking, second-term agenda.

Instead, he uses his rallies to air his grievances, whine about cable news coverage and spread dangerous misinformation about a virus that has killed more than 235,000 Americans.

Just last night, in fact, Trump promised to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, after the election.

Presidential campaign events are supposed to give candidates the opportunity to show why they are better suited than their opponent to serve in the White House for the next four years.

At Donald Trump‘s rallies, he just demonstrates how dangerously unfit he is to hold this office.

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