WATCH: John Bolton Wants GOP Leadership To Condemn Trump’s “Fraudulent Strategy” To Steal The Election

John Bolton had a special insight to how Donald Trump’s presidency and how he operates. He was more than willing to spill secrets about the 45th president in his book, The Room Where it Happened.

When the former National Security Adviser had the ability to talk about Trump to congress, he refused. But Bolton is again condemning his former boss for what he says is a “fraudulent strategy” to win the 2020 election.

Bolton told Jake Tapper, “I think he is trying to set up a fraud, a con on his own supporters and the entire electoral system to justify actions he is contemplating taking after the polls have closed. And he is playing on the popular misconception when they hear TV networks announce that state X has been carried by candidate A, that, in fact, things are decided on the night of the election, which is not true and almost never is on the same day.”

The long-time Republican then turned his concerns towards other GOP officials.

As I say, I think it’s a character test,” Bolton continued. “That (Republican’s Florida actions during the 2000 election) was a fraudulent strategy then and it’s a fraudulent strategy for Trump today. I think it’s important for Republicans to separate themselves from Trump on this very quickly because looking forward, if Trump loses, this is just one more problem for the party, one more albatross around our neck caused by Trump.”

Watch a clip of the segment below courtesy of CNN: