A Great Sign For Biden As Pennsylvania’s Largest Suburban County Could Hit 90% Turnout

A great sign for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. The state’s largest suburban county, Montgomery, could hit 90% turnout.

According to the Montgomery County Democratic Party, turnout records are falling:

Hillary Clinton won Montgomery 58%-37% in 2016, so there is the possibility that Joe Biden’s margin will be even higher over Trump in 2020.

There is also unexpectedly high turnout in Bucks County which went for Hillary Clinton 48%-47% in 2016:

The Republican Party in red Washington County is also reporting record turnout:

The problem for Trump is that even if he gets record turnout, his counties are smaller and rural. It is a numbers game. Montgomery County and Bucks County are bigger than Washington County, which means Biden will net gain votes in Pennsylvania.
The Trump campaign is concerned that the Pennsylvania Republican Party is not turning out enough voters for him to win the state, but the campaign’s theory of winning PA was dependant on running up a big Election Day voting lead.

If that lead doesn’t materialize, Biden will easily win Pennsylvania, as Democrats have a million ballot mail-in voting advantage that could be too much for Trump to overcome.

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