WATCH: Steve Bannon Says Trump Will Claim Victory by the 11:00 News

This is an election year unlike any other in United States history. There has been an unprecedented amount of early voting and mail in ballots. Over 100 million people voted before election day even got here.

And the returns don’t look good for Donald Trump. The Republican party typically wins by making sure that as few people vote as possible. The GOP has filed a number of lawsuits aimed at stopping the increase in voting, but they have mostly been failures.

So Trump will try to delegitimize the election in other ways. The president recently denied a report from Axios’ Jonathan Swan that he would claim victory on election night regardless of the results.

But Steve Bannon says that not only is that the plan, but he is going to do it in time to make the news.

The former Trump adviser said during his War Room: Pandemic show:

“I want to talk about something about stealing the vote. I was on Maria Bartiromo early this morning laying down — and even with Rudy here a minute ago — the president is going to step up tonight between 10 and 11 o’clock. I’m going to pick a random number — 10:45, right before the 11 o’clock news he’s going to claim victory. He’s going to claim victory. He’s going to set the ground rules.”

Bannon continued, “He’s going to set the parameters. He’s going to set the narrative about no games, right? We gotta count these things, we’re going to count the certifiable ones, not the uncertifiable ones. OK? We’re going to set the ground rules, he’s going to set the engine, the narrative engine, about not stealing this election.” 

Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of Media Matters: