Biden Is On Track To Take The Lead And Win Pennsylvania


A loss in Pennsylvania could be on the table as new election results show Trump‘s lead shrinking and Biden on course to overtake him.

Nate Cohn of The New York Times tweeted:

He was backed up by Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding:


Trump didn’t hit the level of in-person election day vote lead that he needed, which was 15 points or more, to hold off what looked to be a blue wave of Biden mail-in votes from across the state.

One of the under-discussed tricks that election officials in Trump counties tried to pull on election night was only reporting election day vote to inflate Trump’s lead artificially. Even in the reddest counties of Pennsylvania, there Joe Biden Democratic votes. Those votes alone could be enough to take a bite out of the tiny portion of the mail-in vote for Trump, 586,336 Republican ballots returned, compared to over 1.6 million for Democrats.

If Biden wins Pennsylvania and completes the sweep of the blue wall plus adding Arizona, and potentially Georgia, it will be a result that Trump could not successfully contest.

Democrats have been feeling good about Pennsylvania, and the data suggests that Joe Biden is on pace to return the state to blue.

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