CNN Projects That Joe Biden Has Won Wisconsin


CNN made an official projection and moved Wisconsin into the column of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.


Wolf Blitzer said on CNN, “CNN projects that Joe Biden is the winner in Wisconsin. He will win ten electoral votes in this key battleground state. Joe Biden is the winner in Wisconsin. With that win, he’s gone up to 237 electoral votes, 207 needed to win. Trump remains at 213. A major, major win for Joe Biden in the state of Wisconsin.”


The Trump campaign has requested a recount of the state, but the odds of 20,000 more Trump votes being found are close to zero. Recounts often pad the lead of the candidate who is ahead, so it is possible that a recount of Wisconsin could backfire on Trump.

Trump’s sweep of the blue wall in 2016 is increasingly looking like a fluke. Joe Biden is winning in Michigan and his lead is expected to grow. Democrats feel good about Pennsylvania due to the large advantage in mail-in ballots and some same-day underperformance by Trump in the Keystone State.

Wisconsin is well on its way to being a state in the Biden column as Joe Biden is a Michigan win away from reaching 270 Electoral College votes.

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