The Black Vote Is Arriving To Put Joe Biden In The White House

The Lincoln Project’s Michael Steele said that the black vote is arriving to put Joe Biden in the White House.

Video of Michael Steele on Morning Joe:

Steele said:

So the plan has always been the three bricks in the blue wall that were taken by Donald Trump in 2016. Nothing else moved until you had a way to get at least two of those bricks back. Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania. They have found a way to do that. They knew where they were vote was. They mined that vote.

And to the points that were made earlier about the power of the black vote in this election, you are seeing it right now going to come to fruition in the 11th hour and deliver these states to Biden. And they knew that.

And that’s what panicked Trump, his people know that. He didn’t read what was on the teleprompter last night. He went totally off-script. He went with what he was feeling in the moment, what he resented about the moment he was in because he couldn’t call this race the way he wanted to because all of these votes, you’re looking at significant numbers of votes that are still outstanding that are coming in major metropolitan areas and their surrounding suburbs. Last night I was talking to a number of folks in the campaign, talking to a number of folks at The Lincoln Project looking at the numbers, and they said that Biden was overperforming in those surrounding suburbs. And lo and behold, here we are.

African-American Voters Are Reasserting Their Power

For all the talk about Hispanic voters, and they are not one monolithic group, so any attempt at broad generalization will fail, it is African-Americans who will be the deciding voice in this election. Just like in the Democratic primary, the heart and soul of the Biden coalition that will win the White House is women and African-American voters.

2016 slipped away from Democrats because African-American turnout decreased. Trump bragged about the decline in black turnout, and for all of his tweets about African-Americans voting for him, Trump always seemed to know that a key piece of the underlying power to make him a one-term president resided with African-American voters.

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