Data Appears to Show USPS Failed to Deliver Mail Ballots from Voters Nationwide

John Kruzel, a legal affairs reporter with The Hill, reports that the United States Postal Service (USPS) data appears to show that the organization failed to deliver mail ballots from voters nationwide.

The column on the left “represents inbound ballots, which are ballots sent by voters to elections offices,” he said on Twitter.

USPS says there are about 300,000 ballots “that lacked a delivery scan.”

Kruzel points out that many states had set Election Day as the cutoff for mail-in ballots. Ballots not delivered by the time polls closed last night will be tossed out.

The data does not “reflect litigation that changed mail ballot due dates” per the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Earlier this morning, President Donald Trump once again the process of mail-in voting, accusing “Mail-In ballot dumps” of being “devastating in their percentage and power of destruction.”

Ballots are still being counted in several key states, particularly Michigan and Wisconsin, and largely account for Election Night delays.