Democrats Are Confident Biden Has The Votes To Win Pennsylvania By 70-100K

Democrats are expressing confidence as Trump files lawsuits that Biden has the votes to win Pennsylvania by 70,000-100,000.

The numbers:

If Trump thought that he had the votes to win in Pennsylvania, he wouldn’t be filing lawsuits that are trying to toss out ballots and stop the vote count.

The way a campaign behaves toward an expected result is telling. The Biden campaign has expressed nothing but confidence that their candidate will win Pennsylvania. The Trump campaign has been screaming about fraud, filing lawsuits, and accusing Democrats of conspiring against the president.

The state’s Republican majority in the legislature is where the blame should be placed for the delayed count. State Republicans wanted to cause chaos and cast doubt on the mail-in ballots. At the time of publication, Trump‘s lead has been steadily falling and now under 3 points and less than 200,000 votes.

Pennsylvania is going to be counting votes all through the night, so by late tonight or early tomorrow morning, Joe Biden could be leading Donald Trump as Pennsylvania could put the Democrat into the White House.

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