Joe Biden Just Took The Lead In Michigan As His Path To The Presidency Grows

A big ballot dump of votes from Wayne County has put Joe Biden in the lead in Michigan with more likely Democratic vote still to count.

Here is the data:

The 80,000 votes to be counted are absentee mail-in voters, and they are likely to be favoring Joe Biden. According to The Detroit Free-Press, “With roughly 96% of the vote in, Democratic nominee Joe Biden pulled further ahead of President Donald Trump with a 36,000 votes early Wednesday morning, but there were still more than 80,000 ballots that needed to be counted before Michigan knows its final election results. Those votes are largely absentee ballots, and are expected to help Biden over Trump.”

The Biden campaign knew what they were doing. They didn’t fall for any of the Iowa, Ohio, or Florida Fool’s Gold. They kept their eyes firmly on Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, while dabbling a little in Georgia.

If Biden wins Michigan and Wisconsin while holding on to Nevada, the election will be over and Joe Biden will be the president-elect. Pennsylvania and Georgia won’t be vital to the final outcome.
African-Americans and women showed up for the Biden/Harris ticket, and they are the coalition that is likely to have placed Democrats back in the White House.

They stayed on their best path to victory, and it appears to be working.

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They stayed on their best path to victory, and it appears to be working.