Trump Campaign Declares Victory In Pennsylvania After Suing To Stop Vote Count


The Trump campaign tried to declare victory in Pennsylvania, while at the same suing to get the state to stop counting votes.

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said on a press call:

That’s not how any of this works.


A football team doesn’t get to declare victory and walk off of the field if they are leading after the first quarter.

The candidate, or in this case, their campaign does not get to unilaterally stop the vote count and declare themselves the winner.

Trump has lost every lawsuit that he has brought against Pennsylvania and its counties in this election campaign. It is obvious that Trump knows that he is going to lose Pennsylvania once all of the votes are counted, so he is trying to interrupt the count and muddy the waters with a bogus declaration of victory.

Donald Trump is trying to fool people into believing that he is winning an election that he is losing. His lawsuits are about disenfranchising voters, and the campaign’s public statements are an attempt to destroy the credibility of US elections.

Trump is on pace to lose Pennsylvania and no amount of unilateral declarations of victory can change the reality that the math is working against Trump.

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