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Even the New York Post Has Turned on Team Trump

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There have been few newspapers in the country more loyal to Donald Trump than the New York Post. When Rudy Giuliani wanted to drop his crazy conspiracy theory about Hunter Biden, he didn’t have to go far. The Post was willing to take on the story.

But following his poor results in the election, the GOP has furiously been turning their back on the president and his team. The New York Post is no different. On Thursday night, the paper published a story blasting Donald Trump Jr.


The story was titled, Donald Trump Jr. calls for total war in clueless tweet. The body of the story read, “Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday fired off a tweet calling for his dad to wage “total war over the election” — while parroting the same allegations of voter fraud that his father has used to explain away his dwindling hopes of staying in the White House.”


Writer Ben Freuland also noted, “Trump Jr., who has a long history of using Twitter to fuel conspiracy theories, hit the send button amid a flurry of lawsuits filed by his father’s campaign to turn the election — including one in Pennsylvania that sought to stop vote counting.”

The idea that the Post would turn it’s back on Trump may not be that big a surprise. The New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns Fox News. Team Trump has essentially begun a war with Fox after the network called Arizona for Joe Biden on Tuesday night.




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