Trump Campaign Admits That Georgia Is Looking Bleak For Them


The Trump campaign is admitting that the situation in Georgia is looking bleak for them and that the state may go to Joe Biden.

CNN‘s Jim Acosta reported:


Acosta reported:

When numbers bumped up for Joe Biden in Georgia, they said listen, the president is running out of options. This is an indication he is running out of options. Talk about Georgia, talk to a separate campaign adviser that said it looks increasingly bleak in Georgia for the president in that state, a stunning development to think that president trump could lose the state of Georgia. There’s growing pessimism inside the campaign.

Still feel there’s a chance there’s a narrow path to the presidency, one more time for Donald Trump. That’s how the president sees it. He is calling allies and family members, trying to gin up enough outrage out there to potentially by will of the president himself change the outcome of the election.

There is a possibility if Trump loses Georgia that the “landslide” in the electoral college that Trump bragged about in 2016 completely reverses itself and Joe Biden finishes with same number of or one more electoral college vote than Trump.

It is taking a while to count the votes, but Biden could end up flipping five states that Trump won four years ago.
A Democratic win in Georgia could be an electoral map game-changer for years to come.

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