Trump Planning To Fire FBI Director And Defense Secretary As His Presidency Slips Away

As Donald Trump increasingly looks to be headed toward a humiliating defeat in his quest to win a second term, he is reportedly planning to fire FBI Director Chris Wray and Defense Secretary Mark Esper on his way out the door.

According to Politico, “President Donald Trump has struggled to convince the country he already won the election. So he’s just going to do the next best thing: Act like he’s starting his second term early.”

Not only does Trump plan to fire those top officials, but the report revealed that he plans to sign a slew of executive orders to satisfy his base and make him “look as presidential as possible.”

On top of that, Politico notes that the president “might even resume his travel schedule” and “mount even more legal challenges and cast evidence-deficient aspersions on the integrity of ballots.”

It’s unclear what it might look like for Trump to restart his regular travel schedule, but it’s possible that he could resume his campaign rallies to further rile up his supporters. That would only pour more gasoline on the post-election fire he already started.

Trump is completely unraveling

As the current president sits in the White House and watches the results pour in – all while Joe Biden conducts himself like the president-elect – Donald Trump is completely unraveling before the country’s eyes.

Whether it was his Thursday night meltdown from the White House or his recent tweets, it’s clear that Trump is fully off his rocker.

Instead of accepting the results of an election where his opponent received more votes of any presidential candidate in history, Donald Trump is clearly trying to burn the country down on his way out the door.

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