Trump Embarrassingly Melts Down On National TV As He’s About To Lose PA

Trump accused the entire state of Pennsylvania of fraud and of conspiring against him in an embarrassing national TV meltdown.

Video of Trump accusing Pennsylvania of fraud:

Trump lied about the voting process in Pennsylvania and claimed that the “Democratic machine” was stealing the state:

Trump’s entire performance was a national embarrassment, as the President Of The United States stood in the White House and tried to undermine a democratic election.

Trump took no responsibility for telling his voters not to vote by mail, which is the reason why the mail-in vote is going so heavily in Pennsylvania is going so heavily for Joe Biden.

As a Pennsylvanian who voted by mail in this election, I am both disgusted and offended by Trump’s lies about the voting process in the state. The voting process in Pennsylvania was the same secure absentee process that has been used for decades. The process is very secure. It involves a multiple-step voter verification process.

When confronted with the reality that he is a loser, Donald Trump humiliated himself on national television and reminded America how nice it will be to soon have a president that will not embarrass us.

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