Trump’s Lead Is Sinking Fast As Biden Makes His Move In Pennsylvania

Trump lead in Pennsylvania has fallen to a bit more than 90,000 votes as Joe Biden is making his move with mail-in voters.

Dave Wasserman tweeted where the vote is coming from in PA:

Biden is expected to more than double Clinton’s margin in Lehigh:

Biden is also soon expected to take the lead in Erie County:

Erie is big because Obama carried it twice, but Trump won it in 2016.

There are still hundreds of thousands of votes to be counted in Pennsylvania, and those mail-in ballots are going to be heavily for Joe Biden. The Trump campaign has been trying to get the ballots tossed that arrived during the three-day extension, but those votes may not matter.

The Biden charge that was widely expected in Pennsylvania is unfolding. Trump has little vote outstanding, and his dwindling lead will not be enough to hold off the hundreds of thousands of expected votes for Joe Biden.

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