Joe Biden Wins 4 Out Of 5 Military Ballots In Allegheny County, PA

Trump calling the troops suckers and losers has come back to haunt him as Joe Biden won 4 out of 5 military ballots in Allegheny County, PA.

The military may not love Trump:

Allegheny County is the county where Pittsburgh is located, but the American people have been told

for years that members of the military were more conservative and largely Republican. However, Donald Trump‘s consistent disrespect of the troops and constant diminishment of their service may come back to haunt him.

Presidential words have consequences.

Trump was never really able to refute The Atlantic report that he called America’s fallen troops suckers and losers because the troops watched the president insult war hero John McCain while he was alive and after he died.

As President, Donald Trump treated the members of the US military like props in his stage show.

Our military service members did not forget, and in at least one county in a vital swing state, Trump is paying for his disrespect to the troops.

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Jason Easley

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