After Referring To Biden As Election Winner, Rush Limbaugh Walks It Back

Conservative firebrand Rush Limbaugh has walked back remarks he made earlier today declaring Joe Biden the winner of the presidential race.

“The guy that won did not have any kind of massive, pro support. He was just the vessel, he was just the recipient of whatever anti-Trump sentiment there was,” Limbaugh said in response to statements made by sports columnist Jason Whitlock, who’d expressed hope President Donald Trump would edge out Biden eventually. 

“I just got this note from Bret Baier at Fox News saying that I’ve conceded the election. He wants to know if that’s true. ‘Did you concede the election?’” Limbaugh said later after returning from a short break. “I didn’t say that. I’m dealing in some hypotheticals here, but I’ve never conceded the election. I’ve never said that this was over. I’ve never said that.”

At the moment, Biden continues to lead Trump by more than 13,000 votes in the state of Pennsylvania, with votes coming out of the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Sources out of the White House say White House staff are already distancing themselves from Trump, who earlier issued a statement declaring that his administration will pursue legal action to ensure “that the American people have confidence in our government.”

Earlier this week, Limbaugh appeared on “Fox and Friends” and predicted that mail-in votes would favor the president.

“What’s to say this early voting isn’t a bunch of Republicans and Trump supporters showing up to get it out of their system?” he said, calling Democratic enthusiasm “made-up stuff.”