The Nightmare Will Soon Be Over As Biden Closes In On Electoral College Victory

Donald Trump’s nightmare presidency is soon coming to an end as Joe Biden will shortly secure enough Electoral College votes to win the presidential election and send Trump to the ash heap of history where he belongs.

According to Decision Desk, Vox and other media outlets, the former vice president will win the state of Pennsylvania, which vaults him past the critical 270 electoral vote marker needed to secure the presidency.

Biden’s win in Pennsylvania comes after he flipped two other “blue wall” states – Michigan and Wisconsin – that Trump narrowly carried in 2016.

Trump will become one of just a few incumbent presidents to lose a bid for a second term in the White House. For the rest of his life, he will carry with him a label that he has so often plastered on others: Loser.

As for Biden, he is now the president-elect.

The Biden bet paid off

Despite the nerves that many Democrats felt on Tuesday, this election didn’t really turn into a squeaker after all. Nationally, Biden has won more than 73 million votes, the most of any presidential nominee in American history. That tally will only grow as votes continue to be counted.

Biden’s historic victory vindicates his campaign’s strategy to stubbornly focus on the blue wall states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

From day one, the Democratic nominee’s campaign believed Biden was uniquely positioned to restore the Democratic Party’s rust belt advantage, and he did just that.

Of course, Biden didn’t just rebuild the blue wall in the Midwest. He is also poised to pick off Georgia in the South and Arizona in the west, two states Trump won rather easily in 2016.

The end of a nightmare

For the majority of the country that didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016, the last four years have been one endless, exhausting nightmare.

Trump’s dangerous speech from the White House on Thursday night was just the latest example of the repugnant nature of his presidency.

From day one, it has been nonstop chaos, incompetence, dishonesty and corruption from a man who sees the presidency as just another platform to air his grievances, boost his ego and get attention.

It culminated this year with a public health crisis that has killed more than 240,000 Americans and an economic crash that has left millions out of work. These crises only further revealed what little interest Trump has in doing the work required of a president.

In record numbers, the American people turned out to elect a real president, not just a con man who plays one on TV.

Since he launched his campaign in 2019, Joe Biden referred to this presidential contest as a battle for the soul of America. Donald Trump lost that battle, and America won.

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