Trump Aides Are Looking For Jobs As They Know It’s Over


Donald Trump‘s White House aides are starting to look for new jobs as they seem to know that the Trump presidency is over.

CNN‘s Kaitlan Collins reported:


The three faces of the White House. 1). Rage can be seen by the aides who are trying to control Donald Trump. 2). Denial is Mark Meadows staring at the results in Pennsylvania and hoping things change. 3). Acceptance is the Trump White House aides who know that it’s over and they’re looking for new jobs.

Because incumbents presidents losing their reelection campaigns is such a rare occurrence in the US system, it is not shocking that people in the White House were operating under the assumption that Trump would pull it out in the end.

However, no president has done more to self-destruct and get himself voted out of office than Trump. Donald Trump may never admit it, but his defeat can be seen in those White House aides who are looking for new jobs.

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