Trump Is Expected To “Boycott” Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Sources close to Donald Trump are saying that they expect the defeated then former president to “boycott” Joe Biden‘s inauguration.

The report:

There is no way that Trump, who is a notoriously sore loser, would have shown up any under any circumstances if Biden won. Attending the inauguration would force Trump to confront the destruction of his self-created myth that he is a winner.

Joe Biden’s victory is proof that Donald Trump is not a winner. In fact, he is only the fourth incumbent president in US history to lose his bid for reelection.
Fox News is in denial and refusing to refer to Biden as the president-elect. Joe Biden won with a historic turnout. He brought blue states back home and may end up flipping two red states (Arizona and Georgia).

Republicans set a turnout record for their party, but Democrats had more.

Trump is going to refuse to follow the norms of a peaceful transition of power. The nation should expect that there will be no meetings between the outgoing Trump administration and the Biden transition team.

It is also possible that Trump leaves the White House for Thanksgiving break, and doesn’t come back.

Trump isn’t boycotting Biden’s inauguration. He’s throwing a temper tantrum.

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