Joe Biden Is President, And Trump Is One Of The Biggest Losers In History

Multiple networks have officially called the election for Joe Biden, who has turned Trump into one of history’s biggest losers.

CNN‘s call of history:

MSNBC also called the race for Biden:

The calls came after the projection that Biden would win Pennsylvania.

The historic nature of Biden’s victory can’t be overstated.

The previous two incumbent presidents who lost reelection bids were defeated three-way races that contained substantial third party candidates in 1980 and 1992. Joe Biden took on Donald Trump one on one and defeated him.

Not since Herbert Hoover has a president lost reelection under the modern voting system in what was virtually a one on one contest.

Trump used and abused all of the powers of the presidency, but in the end he and his historic turnout were denied as the majority support that has eluded him throughout his brief political career rejected him soundly in 2020.

Because the vote took so long to count, some of the sweeping nature of this defeat will be overlooked. Biden beat Trump in a state in every region of the country. Biden won in the North, South, East, West, and Midwest.

Trump has now become the thing that he always has feared the most.

The Trump name will forever be synonymous with losing.

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