Biden Hits A Home Run As Victory Speech Turns The Page On Trump

Joe Biden turned the page on the last four years of Trump darkness with a compelling victory speech that delivered hope to a nation in need.


Biden said:

Tonight, the whole world is watching America. I believe at our best America is a beacon for the globe. And we lead not by the example of our power, but by the power of our example. I’ve always believed we can define America in one word: Possibilities. That in America everyone should be given the opportunity to go as far as their dreams and God-given ability will take them.

You see, I believe in the possibility of this country. We’re always looking ahead. Ahead to an America that’s freer and more just. Ahead to an America that creates jobs with dignity and respect. Ahead to an America that cures disease — like cancer and Alzheimers. Ahead to an America that never leaves anyone behind. Ahead to an America that never gives up, never gives in.

This is a great nation.

And we are a good people.

This is the United States of America.

And there has never been anything we haven’t been able to do when we’ve done it together.

After four years of being tormented by a snake oil salesman who made it his daily mission to divide the country and destroy every shred of unity that he came across, it is time for a president who will make people feel good about themselves and their country.
The Biden campaign used the victory speech to reintroduce the president-elect and his priorities to the country.

Joe Biden hit a home run by believing in America, and showing a confidence and optimism that no matter how tough the situation looks in the curren moment, the American spirit will prevail.

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