Fox News Demands That We Give Trump Days Before He Concedes

Fox News wants Trump to be given time to emotionally absorb his defeat before he concedes the election to President-elect Biden.

Ari Fleischer said on Fox:

The nation is tired of catering to the snowflake president and his feelings.

Trump lost. It’s time for him to put on his big boy pants, concede the election, make sure his prenup with wife #3 is airtight, look into declaring bankruptcy for the eighth time, and then await the criminal indictment from New York.

The nation of tired of coddling Trump‘s feelings. Even after getting blown out in his bid for reelection, the Trump enablers are requesting the bar for decent human behavior be lowered for Trump. Donald Trump should have conceded already. He has no paths to victory. There is no magic recount that will save him.

America doesn’t need Trump to concede, because come January 2021, Joe Biden will be president.

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