You Did It: Joe Biden Is The President America Needs

Every tear you cried turned into 2020 election day gold. Every moment of despair turned into action made this possible.

The United States has survived the Trump presidency and all of its relentless attacks upon democracy. The country has made history in electing President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden broke even former President Barack Obama’s vote total record.

Not all countries pull out of an attempt at autocracy, and no doubt we will face this challenge again and again.

But today, we are lucky to have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the helm to steer us out of the rudderless Trump sludge and corruption. Joe Biden has a sterling reputation – he is the Mister Rogers this country needs at this crisis point. He evokes calm and unity consistently. Joe Biden is also a bit of a scrapper – he knows how to fight, and more importantly, when to fight. We’re going to need that.

Kamala Harris brings a steel hand in a velvet glove for law and order, which will give Democrats a much needed edge as they deal with the lawless Trump entourage. Harris won’t flinch, like she didn’t when she went after the big banks with Joe’s son Beau Biden. Harris understands that punishment is required if the law is to be upheld. That is a sentiment far too many Democrats have been unwilling to embrace when it comes to the opposition.

Kamala Harris is our first woman Vice President. She is paving the way for a woman president. She is balm to the pain women have endured under President Trump.

We are entering a new era, the post-Trump era, but Trumpism and all of it’s dangerous ramifications lay like white hot embers just waiting for Trump’s putrid hot breath to ignite over the slightest grievance.

But these two, Joe and Kamala, they are ready for this fight. They are uniquely qualified to bring together those willing, and hold law breakers and the largest domestic terrorism threat – far right, white domestic terrorism – accountable – at long last.

Much will be said about how they aren’t perfect and what we could have had – But Democrats would do themselves a favor to borrow just one thing from Republicans – coalesce around power for once. Embolden these two leaders to take control, give them the political will and capital they will need to make the changes they can from the White House, which this country so desperately needs.

We are lucky today, the day that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 election. Just by winning it, they have changed history and changed how the world sees this country. They have changed how little girls see themselves- no longer the prey of a contemptuous old p*ssy grabber, but the glorious Kamala Harris standing up for the little people against big banks.

All of the vulnerable groups Trump put a target on – women, LGBTQ, black and brown people, people with disabilities – can breathe a sigh of relief. Soon their rights will be honored again, and while we have much work to be done on those rights, we will finally be going forward again.

From the beginning, this was the ticket I heard the most from Democratic voters around the Midwest. This was their dream ticket. So when pundits try to diminish the huge vote victory, remember, it wasn’t just a repudiation of Donald Trump. It was love for this ticket.

Celebrate and relax today, there will be Trump legal battles and Trump media trolling for years to come. But the glory is ours today and for the next four years. Our nation overcame the most dangerous challenge in modern history, and we did it by overwhelming numbers.

Today, we have hope and hope is the most powerful weapon against evil. Hope makes you turn out, hope makes you push for more, hope makes your voice heard.

On this day, November 7th, 2020, each and every one of you who voted, called, canvassed, talked to friends and neighbors, donated, worried over the demise of our precious country — each and every one of you have made a difference. You made this happen. This is your victory.

You did this. This is democracy. Never forget it.