Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims Are A Scam To Pay Off Campaign Debt

Trump won’t concede defeat, and he is using the majority of the funds raised to fight voter fraud to pay off his campaign debts.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Clicking through to the donation page, potential givers can review a disclaimer that 50% of any contribution will be used for general election campaign debt retirement and 50% for the campaign’s recount account.

Other Trump fundraising pitches in recent days ask for help to “protect the integrity of this election” but lead to a donation page for Mr. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” committee. The fine print on those solicitations says 60% of a contribution helps the campaign retire debt and 40% goes to the Republican National Committee.

Notice that none of the money is going to a specific legal fund to sue over voter fraud. Recounts happen all of the time in close elections. They aren’t the same thing as voter fraud, and to date, Trump is pursuing exacting one recount, and that is in Wisconsin.

People donate to televangelists every day, so it isn’t surprising that Trump still has people out there who are willing to open their wallets for him.

One of the things that should concern the American people is that Trump will go on a cash grab rampage during his lame-duck presidency. Trump is already planning a trip to his Florida club that will at minimum cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.

Trump‘s finances are in bad shape. He is drowning in debt, and he appears to be trying to scam his fans and the country out of every nickel that he can before he is forced to leave office in January.

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