Fox’s Bartiromo Says She Hasn’t “Given Up” on Bill Barr Getting Involved in Election

There are some at Fox News that think it is time for Donald Trump to move on and accept that he has lost the election. This was clear today when Neil Cavuto shut off Kayleigh McEnany’s press conference after she made baseless accusations of voter fraud.

That does not mean, however, that all the hosts at Fox have decided that the election is lost. During a Monday radio show, Maria Bartiromo said that she hasn’t given up on Attorney General Bill Barr getting involved in the election lawsuits.


The host made the comments while speaking to Sean Hannity. Hannity asked her, “All right, so what does your gut tell you? You saw [Justice] Alito‘s statement. You saw the Supreme Court. You see these other — we know that there are going to be other judicial challenges, that is what the role of that extra branch of government is. Do you see any of this going anywhere?”

Bartiromo responded, “Well, look, at this point in time, Sean, I have not given up on the Department of Justice and Bill Barr. I have not given up on Bill Barr and his motivations. I do believe he wants justice, and he will do the right thing. So, I am expecting a full-on investigation of these irregularities that we’re seeing in terms of voting and the ballots. That needs to play out.”

Barr has yet to make any comment on the results of the election.