Georgia Republican Lt. Governor Shoots Down Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims

Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (R) of Georgia was asked three times if he has seen evidence of voter fraud, and he answered no.


Lt. Gov. Duncan said on CNN‘s New Day, “My office has been in close communication with the secretary of state’s office, and the attorney general‘s office and made sure that if there’s any sort of systemic examples of fraud or voter disenfranchisement across the voting base to let us know. We’ve not had any sort of credible incidents raised to our level yet, and so we’ll continue to make sure that the opportunity to make sure every legal ballot is counted is there, but at this point, we’ve not seen any sort of credible examples.”

CNN John Berman asked, ” Every single American wants that. But the question is, and I think you just said this clearly and ask you to say it again, you haven’t seen any evidence of widespread systemic voter fraud or irregularities?”

Duncan answered, “Not any to our office yet, and we’ll make sure every legal opportunity if there is an issue out there, we want to make sure we understand it, investigate it and make sure we were able to rectify it. ”

Berman followed up, “But there hasn’t been any?”

Duncan said, “We have not had any get to our office yet.”

Republicans at the state level aren’t going to burn the credibility of their own voting systems to the ground to help Trump. Republicans won victories in these states that Trump is accusing of voter fraud, so they’re not going to have their victories tainted because Donald Trump is a sore loser.

Interviews like this send the message to Trump from within his own party that he lost, and it is time to go.

Trump‘s power over the party is gone, as Republicans are already moving on.

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