Opinion: Why The Election Results Should Terrify Decent Americans

Although at the time of this writing there is no for-sure, definitive justification for celebrating the result of the election, there is no better time to state emphatically that if former Vice-President Joseph Biden is declared the official victor, America’s social woes will not disappear. Simply put: the nation’s nightmare will not end when, and if, Joe Biden officially wins the election.

 As this author expected, the various pollsters and political prognosticators were dead wrong in predicting a landslide victory for Mr. Biden. As in the last presidential election, the so-called political prophets failed to comprehend the level of deep-seated animus for “the other” in America’s voting public. And, it is safe to state that the hate and vitriol towards everything American is only going to get worse – much worse.

In 2016 many Americans who voted for Trump legitimately believed his nasty campaign rhetoric would vanish once the election was over, and that he would “become presidential” and attempt to govern as an American leader is expected to; with a sense of dignity and compassion.

Of course that errant belief was debunked immediately after Trump’s very-poorly attended inauguration and, as most Americans watched one vile act and blatantly dishonest statement after another discovered, Trump’s malice towards anything not Trump only increased exponentially. And all the while his base of support grew emboldened and more violently vocal.

The biggest takeaway from the election is that there are literally tens-of-millions of American citizens who watched four long years of dirty Donald Trump’s assault on humanity and democracy and made the conscious decision that, oh Hell yes – give him four more years.

 This little screed is not about Trump. Everyone except racists, xenophobes, cowardly Republicans, and religious extremists clearly viewed Trump as a cruel tyrant who did not belong in the White House. However, the number of voting Americans who yearned for four more years of inhumanity and corruption far exceed Trump’s inhumane base. If any American thinks those tens-of-millions of Americans will embrace compassion and respect for the law just because Trump is gone they are deluded beyond any reasonable person’s belief.

If one considers all of Trump’s attacks on democracy, or the inhumanity of his “policies, or the never-ending corruption it is difficult to comprehend why he garnered tens-of-millions of American citizens’ support for another four more years of tyranny. Throw children in cages? Sure, he deserves another term in office. Claim the U.S. Constitution is bad for America? Yep, he warrants another four years in the White House. Abandon America’s longstanding allies to sate the demands of a Russian tyrant? Oh yeah, we want more.

It was horrendous enough to know that Trump’s dyed-in-the-wool acolytes worshipped the fascist tyrant and everything barbaric h

e wreaked on the American people and their cherished democracy. But now it is crystal clear that tens-of-millions of Americans literally wanted four more years of the lies, cruel intentions, corruption, and assault on all things that at one time made America a “shining light” among the world’s nations.

A declaration that Joe Biden officially won the presidency will not magically erase the belief among millions of Americans that Trump and his lying, corruption, total disregard for the law, and outright hatred for everything that made America the envy of the world

is what America needs for more years of to be great.

Sadly, all of those hate-infested Americans are not going away and Republicans in positions of power now know their political fate hinges on pandering to the worst of human nature endemic to the tens-of-millions of Americans who wanted Trump in the White House for four more years.

If any American ever wondered what kind of citizen heard the nation’s leader defame and demean fallen American soldiers, or watched children being locked in cages, or watched Trump order the military to use chemical weapons on American citizens, or witnessed an attack a Gold Star family, or pretended that a global pandemic that has killed 230,000 Americans is a hoax, or looked the other way when a foreign adversary put bounties on American soldiers heads, they should look around their own neighborhoods; because those heartless people are all around them. And they number in the tens-of-millions and they are going to be angrier and more hateful because their tyrannical demigod appears close to being dethroned.

America’s nightmare is not nearly over by any means. It is true that Trump may be on the way out, but his deplorable acolytes and political sycophants are still among us and they are pissed off and seeking vengeance that will not wait for the next election. The nightmare is not close to being over and it is safe to concluded that it is only going to get much worse. That fact should frighten the life out of every decent American.

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